I never knew how good it could feel to lay on the grass at Courthouse Square in downtown Scranton until last night. I really had not thought about it to be honest, but I had the chance last night and it was peaceful and beautiful. I didn't decide to just go lay on the lawn and I'm not suggesting you do that.  Last night, Jaya Yoga of Clarks Summit held an event called "Yoga After Dark" on the lawn.  Yoga was led by Kelly O’Brien and Hilary Steinberg from Jaya and Abby Scaramuzzo from Symmetry Studio in Scranton. DJ Brian Langan was spinning the fun tunes that included "Party All the Time" by Eddie Murphy and "Off the Wall" by Michael Jackson! My toes were tapping on their yoga mat before we got started. Once we started I was concentrating on my poses of course - so I wouldn't fall over - so I would get the most of the practice.  And probably the most fun was that everyone who attended received glow sticks to wear as a necklace, bracelet or anklet or whatever accessory depending on what they wanted to glow.

 The event was free with donations being collected for  the SGT Jan Argonish Ride Fund to help area families with people serving in the military and to help the soldiers themselves. SGT Argonish was a Peckville resident who died serving his country in Afghanistan. His memory lives on through the fundraisers held by his loved ones. 

On a day that hit 90 (I'm guessing) I wasn't sure if I would enjoy the yoga because I was feeling pretty sluggish all afternoon but it felt really comfortable on the grass and I even felt a slight breeze or two. I was happy to see the 30 or more people who made the same choice that I did to get out of the house or away from the pool and get outside to share in the practice of yoga. 

As I lay on my mat waiting for the festivities to start I saw the reflection of the Scranton Electric City sign in one of the Courthouse windows. My iPhone camera could not capture the coolness of this image I saw best with my own eyes but that was just one small reason of the many reasons that I was glad I decided to attend. The yoga itself was great. I hadn't taken a class in many months so I was afraid I wouldn't do too well. (As anyone who has ever taken yoga knows, it's a practice that is all about what is right for you and your body. It's not meant to be a competition by any means or about right and wrong - that's just where my mind and ego tend to take me.) I enjoyed the exercises and my legs are feeling them today, which is a nice way for my body to say thank you for choosing to attend Yoga After Dark and thank you to those who organized the event!

Yoga After Dark was one more cool event held in Scranton that I like. So pick up a newspaper or look at your events on Facebook. There are many things for you to like here in the Electric City.